Five tips for a healthy body and greener planet

Here at SoFairSoGood, we encourage people to make positive changes that can really make a difference to the planet. But sometimes, the changes you make can also benefit your body too!

These five simple changes can help shape your body while creating a more sustainable planet for all of us.

Walk or bike to work

If you’re commuting in a congested city, this can be a stress-releasing no-brainer. And even more so if you’re out in the beautiful countryside taking in the sights.

Hop on your bike in the morning and give your body some hearty cardio.

This one small change can do wonders. Biking lets you work a burst of endorphins into your daily grind – if you thought coffee was a great way to perk you up in the morning, it’s time to give cycling a try.

Then there’s the benefit to others. Not only does biking get you off to a good start with some fresh air, but it also reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that come from typical transportation.

It may be one small change, but increasing the numbers of cyclists reduces the number of solo drivers on the road – this helps reduce CO2 emissions, which affect the planet’s natural balance of greenhouse gases.

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables

As well as being a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals, and helping to maintain healthy digestion, eating fresh fruit and vegetables can also help positively impact the planet.

There may be no other single human activity that has a bigger impact on the planet than the raising of livestock – as raising animals produces considerably more greenhouse gas emissions than growing plants.

By upping our intake of fruit and veg, and reducing our consumption of meat, we can again help reduce excessive greenhouse gases being released. Try cutting down on beef (tuna makes a great substitute) or eating more vegetable proteins such as nuts, seeds and beans.

Considering how the planet is impacted by the food we eat can go a long way towards long-term sustainability – and benefit our bodies in the process!

Unwind in the garden

Feeling stressed? Discover the joys of gardening.

It’s never too late to start with this helpful hobby. Don’t let years of weed-pulling and lawn-mowing deter you – your garden can become your next place of zen.

Whether grand or modest, your garden can also help the environment in a number of ways. Again, benefitting our atmosphere, plants help reduce pollution by increasing the amount of oxygen in the air and reducing the amount of CO2.

They’ll also help remove chemicals and bacteria from water in the ground and be a food source for natural wildlife – not to mention yourself, if you opt for home-grown fruit and veg!

And how does perfecting your garden benefit your body? Get digging, hoeing, raking and planting. You couldn’t work more muscles if you tried.

Drink more (not bottled) water

Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water. When we’re dehydrated, we’re affecting the performance of everything we do.

Whether that’s athletic when we’re out exercising or even our mood throughout the day, making an effort to drink more water is a must.

So why non-bottled water?

Because we care about sustainability. Using vast amounts of fossil fuels (and water) in manufacturing, disposable plastic bottles aren’t biodegradable – so what you drink in a few minutes could stay around for hundreds of years.

Then there’s the impact it’s making to your purse.

Just because the bottle is branded with a beautiful, flowing waterfall, that doesn’t mean it’s any different in taste to your regular tap water. In fact, around 25% of bottled water is sourced from the tap – so you could be buying bottled water that has a sales mark-up of around 2500%. Ouch.

The bottom line? Losing bottled water will save you money and help a movement for global sustainability. All with one simple change.

Teach the next generation

What better long-term benefits can you make than impacting our next generation?

Children learn so much from watching and taking in their environment – and the important people in their lives.

Kids with active parents are much more likely to stay active and follow in their footsteps, while bad habits like junk-food binging get passed on quicker than you can say ‘Watch this!’.

You may prefer to make an impact in the kitchen by encouraging sustainable eating or would rather take your son or daughter into the great outdoors. These changes make a huge difference – and acting now will make a positive impact for the future.

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